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Our commitment to sustainability


Pro-Earth is committed to providing products that come exclusively from environmentally sound, sustainable sources.




SaveSorb is formulated from Veriflora®* certified Canadian sphagnum peat moss that has been dried, blended, sifted and ph balanced to produce the best oil absorbent available.


The Canadian peat industry


In Canada, where SaveSorb is sourced, the peat moss industry collectively maintains and develops the best management practices. Supported by government, they are committed to ensure peat is a sustainable resource, that peatlands are responsibly managed and have adopted a strict Preservation and Reclamation Policy.  


Environmental concerns about the harvesting and use of peat are largely based on misconceptions and practices that no longer exist. Here are the facts:

  • In Canada, peat is accumulating more than 50 times as fast as it is being harvested

  • Less than 1% of Canadian peat bogs are being harvested

  • Careful harvesting techniques are used to make restoration easier. For example, plants that are removed at the opening of a bog for peat harvesting are collected and used for restoration of the closed site

  • Over $5million has been invested in research into how bogs can be restored quickly

  • Results show the restoration technique is successful and can bring back ecological functions in a relatively short-time period


Environmental FAQ


Is it true that restoration of a peatland ecosystem takes many years?

According to a recent study by the North American Wetlands Conservation Council (Canada), harvested peatlands can be restored to ecologically balanced systems within 5 to 20 years after peat harvesting.


Isn’t there a shortage of peatland in Canada? Isn’t harvesting peat moss depleting these areas of wetlands?

No. There are more than 113.6 million hectares (280 million acres) of peatlands in Canada. Of that, only 0.03 percent is being used for peat harvesting. Canadian sphagnum peat moss is a sustainable resource. Annually, peat moss accumulates at more than 50 times the rate it is harvested. Canadian peatlands are responsibly managed and are returned to peatlands after peat harvesting so the ecological balance of the area is maintained.


Can the supply of peat moss be completely depleted?

No. The bogs that are being harvested will be restored to functioning wetlands. In addition, peatlands are abundant in Canada.


What is the CSPMA Preservation and Reclamation Policy?

Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association (CSPMA) members agree to abide by the reclamation policy for all new bog development. It includes:

  • Identifying bogs for preservation

  • Leaving buffer zones of original vegetation to encourage natural succession after harvesting

  • Leaving a layer of peat below harvesting levels to encourage rapid regrowth

  • Returning harvested bogs to a wetlands ecosystem, or, if that’s not possible, to other wildlife habitats or agricultural production



*Veriflora is an American agricultural sustainability certification and eco-labelling programme, recognised as the gold-standard in the floriculture and horticulture industries. The programme is administered by SCS Global Services (SCS), a global third-party certifier of environmental, sustainability and agricultural product quality claims.


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