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Products for use on land

Spillows, Pillows and Battery Box Pads, kept in situ, prevent spills

● SaveSorb land Berms, Socks, Wattles, Drain Covers and Filters contain potential spills

● Loose SaveSorb, Spillows and Pillows absorb spills rapidly


Maritime products for use on water

● SaveSorb Marine Wraps and Skirts may be joined to create any length of barrier to

prevent, contain and absorb spills on water

● SaveSorb Barrier Mats and Socks can be kept on hand to prevent and contain spills

Loose SaveSorb can be kept on hand to absorb any spills

● SaveSorb Bilge Socks and Spillow Mats are designed to absorb spills in engine rooms


Safe and effective

SaveSorb absorbs 90 % of fuel spill fumes, which helps to prevent vapour-based explosions.

SaveSorb also absorbs smells creating an odour-free environment.


Spill kits

Off-the-shelf and bespoke Spill Kits available.




Currently in development, Pro Earth FOG Catcher is a SaveSorb-based system for use in

households to keep the drainage network free and clear.

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