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By Pro-Earth, Apr 8 2016 09:40AM

Our preventative strategy to identify areas on construction sites that are at risk from spills of hydrocarbons and chemicals really paid off recently.

Team Van Oord (TVO), flood and coastal defence specialists, were asked by the Environment Agency to repair a leak at Green Level Pumping Station at Erith on the River Thames. TVO project and site managers identified gullies with drainage that ran into the Thames as a possible threat to the environment in the event of a spill.

On consultation, we recommended Pro-Earth Drain Covers were placed over the gullies. Our Drain Covers provide an ideal preventative solution – filled with SaveSorb, they let water pass through, while capturing contaminants like oils, diesel and chemicals.

This forward-thinking averted what could have been a major environmental incident.

Two weeks after the Drain Covers were put in place, a third-party articulated lorry left an industrial unit opposite the TVO site, and ignored signs highlighting a one-way system.

As it proceeded to drive around the system the wrong way, the lorry’s undercarriage connected with a ramp, which punctured the fuel tank and also disconnected TVO water hoses that were enabling dewatering on the site.

The contents of the fuel tank, as much as 200 litres, flooded onto the tarmac, mixed with the water being pumped out of the hoses and flowed towards the gullies protected by the Pro-Earth pads.

After the incident, testing proved that Pro-Earth Drain Covers prevented diesel entering the drainage system, and crucially, allowed ample time to manage the incident.

Not only did our Drain Covers prevent a major environmental incident, the cost of clean up of the spill was minimised.

Pro-Earth Drain Covers after doing their job of protecting the environment
Pro-Earth Drain Covers after doing their job of protecting the environment

By Pro-Earth, Jun 24 2015 03:08PM

The world's first containment and absorbent marine boom was recently deployed on the river Cray at Crayford in Surrey. A joint innovation between ourselves and Team Van Oord, a framework company, the boom was launched to the Environment Agency on Monday.

Our booms use SaveSorb to contain and absorb hydrocarbons and chemicals and are a significant improvement on traditional spill products that only block or coat themselves in oil, resulting in materials that are difficult to handle and are themselves a potential pollution risk.

The boom pictured has been developed with Team Van Oord to specifically account for high river flows or tidal shifts encountered on many projects.

Long term marine booms deployed in the fast-flowing river Cray
Long term marine booms deployed in the fast-flowing river Cray
Booms at Taplow Lock
Booms at Taplow Lock

By Pro-Earth, Feb 2 2015 02:27PM

Our new Long Term Deployment Marine Boom and External Skirt recently underwent some design modifications in collaboration with Mackley, a West Sussex company recently acquired by leading, global marine contractor, Van Oord.

Mackley requested a different way of joining our booms together. We took their suggestions on board and within 48 hours a new waterproof joining system was developed. Now the SaveSorb absorbent booms can be joined by eyelets at each end, allowing for quick connection by carabiner.

Manufactured from UV protective plastic, durable to sun and salt water, our boom and skirt contains and absorbs spills of hydrocarbons, chemicals and heavy metals on water. The SaveSorb protective skirt is designed to attach to the marine boom on the outside of the containment area for added protection in inclement weather. Designed for long term marine deployment of up to twelve months, the boom and skirt are non-leaching and can be dried and re-used.

Standard sizing is 3000 x 200mm (boom) and 3000 x 400mm (skirt). We also offer custom sizing according to customer needs. A single boom and a single skirt is each capable of absorbing up to 40 litre of hydrocarbons.

By Pro-Earth, Jan 22 2015 12:58PM

Our product SaveSorb conserves the environment while optmising your ROI.

Manufactured in the USA, SaveSorb's synonmous product is ph balanced, responsibly manufactured and organically certified. SaveSorb fully absorbs and contain hydrocarbons with 0% leaching, streamlining cleanup to save you time and money.

Take a look at just some of SaveSorb's product features:

By Pro-Earth, Nov 25 2014 03:35PM

The new SaveSorb Continuous Berm has a large number of applications, including: sediment filtration, silt pond construction, water diversion, sandbagging, spill containment and road run-off soak


Easy to use and deploy, the Continuous Berm Machine extrudes a fabric encapsulated 300mm x 300mm at rates of between 3 to 20 metres a minute with no trenching or staking required. By choosing the appropriate geosynthetic fabric, the berm can be designed to filter or contain sheet flow and is rated at

up to 95% effective in sediment removal.

With its weight typically exceeding 130kg per metre, the Continuous Berm grips tightly to underlying soil surfaces, will not blow over and is extremely difficult to dislodge from its original placement location.

The Berm is infused with SaveSorb, sand, rock or native soil. There is also an option to have wild flower seeds added to the mix, so that the Berm will, over time, blend into its surroundings.

When using a 60-70% SaveSorb mix, you have the most absorbent containment on the planet, and one that has an almost indefinite lifespan.

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