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Products for use on & with water

All sizes approximate.

Long-term deployment (12 months) Marine Boom with Curtain for Rivers and Open Water

New, exclusive product

Manufactured from UV protective plastic, durable to sun and salt water, the

SaveSorb Marine Boom has been designed for long-term marine deployment of

up to 12 months in rivers and open water, depending on conditions and usage.

Booms have a weighted waterproof curtain attached that drops below the

waterline to contain contamination, while the booms themselves absorb

contaminants, providing complete protection. Booms and curtains may be joined

by eyelets at each end allowing for quick connection by carabiner.

The Marine Boom also includes a SaveSorb protective skirt attached at the front

and rear of the boom on the inside and outside of the containment area to assist

control of pollution in inclement weather.

Non-leaching, may be dried and reused.


Size: (mm) Overall Boom Length:                    2400

                Centre Channel (main boom):         200mm diameter

                Front and Rear Channels (skirts):    125mm diameter

                Overall Underwater Curtain Length: 2750mm

                Curtain Depth:                              400mm






Marine Boom, Wrap and Skirt

Designed to convert existing containment booms into absorbent booms.

The super absorbent mats wrap securely around the boom to absorb

containment spills. The skirt attachment enhances absorption and

minimises escape. Non-Leaching – can be dried and re-used.


Size: (mm) 1800 - fits a standard 200mm diameter boom.

Any custom size available.




Marine Barrier Mats

Marine Barrier Mats have been specifically designed in conjunction  

with the Los Angeles Beaches and Harbors Commission to absorb oil

and fuel spills on water. These floating mats can be used inside a

contained spill area or linked together to form an absorbent barrier.


Size: (mm) 1800 x 600




Marine Containment Socks  

These containment socks can be linked together to form a containment

barrier of any size. Used to contain spills from leaking boats, docks or

shore releases. Easy to deploy and remove.


Size: (mm) 1800 x 150




Marine Mats 

Designed like Spillows, Marine Mats fit inside most engine containment

areas to keep the bilge clean and prevent oily water from exiting into

the environment.


Sizes: (mm) 600 x 600

                  900 x 900



Bilge Socks

Designed like Spillows, Bilge Socks fit inside most engine containment

areas to keep the bilge clean and prevent oily water from exiting into

the environment.


Size: (mm)  450 x 150

marine boom warp and skirt 2 marine barrier mat 2 (1) marine containment sock 2 marine barrier mat 2 (1) Bilge socks 2015-06-09 13.04.38 NRA16_LOGO_CMYK_FINALIST Data Sheet Long Term Marine Boom