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Pro Earth and SaveSorb - a one-stop solution for all industries


With its ability to soak up chemicals as well as diesel fuels, SaveSorb is ideal to keep on hand to prevent land contamination.



SaveSorb cleans up any spill quick and easy without taking up a lot of space and offers dramatically lower disposal costs – ideal for large and small industry.



Maintaining a clean construction site is paramount in today’s regulated environment. SaveSorb Spill Kits and absorbent products are lightweight allowing transfer to any part of the site quickly.


Emergency Services

SaveSorb provides effective spill response with less space, less weight and less expense. The use of SaveSorb can dramatically reduce the amount of time roads have to be closed due to fuel spills.



Its hydrophobic property makes SaveSorb ideal for use in all marine environments from commercial ports and shipping companies to marinas. Marine Booms, Mats, Socks and loose product are easily deployed with a vast absorbent capacity for preventing, containing and cleaning up spills from rivers and seas.



From food production to heavy industry, whether you are surrounded by equipment that leaks or cleaning up after sudden releases, SaveSorb will keep any plant clean and safe.


Oil Production, Mining and Drilling

On land or on water, SaveSorb quickly encapsulates a spill, protecting the surrounding environment and creating a healthy home for bioremediation.


SaveSorb is an oil and chemical absorbent that gets the job done, first time. It works on a vast array of contaminants and is packaged to make it versatile, fast and easy to use.


Whatever your industry, it’s your one-stop solution to: Save Money. Save Time. Save the Environment.



Public Utilities 

SaveSorb provides portable solutions to deal with spills for all regions providing public services, including waste management.


Transport – Road, Rail, Air

On the road, in the railway station or depot, and at the airport, SaveSorb can save time, space and money with lightweight and re-useable products that prevent, contain and soak up spills.


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